Communication when it really matters

Communications Consulting &
Interim Management
in success-critical situations

Strategic change
Turnaround & Restructuring

All stakeholders in scope

More than ever, companies are dependent on the acceptance and support of all stakeholders. Strategic communication is key for building and maintaining sustainable relationships. Our 360-degree approach covers all internal and external stakeholders.

Grafik Stakeholder Integration in erfolgskritischen Situationen

Organizational and personnel development for strategic communication

Communication is often reduced to content and formats. However - especially in critical situations - functioning processes, strategic communication competence and crisis-proof personalities are of utmost importance.

We develop structures, processes, and competencies for strategic communication, consequently strategically aligning your communication with your company’s goals and contributing to your company's success.

Crunchtime Geschäftsführer Lisa Tillmann und Johannes Fischer

About us

Crunchtime is led by Johannes Fischer and Lisa Tilmann. They have extensive experience in all areas of strategic communication, both in the corporate and consulting setting.

Both combine communicative expertise with economic and entrepreneurial competence to align communication specifically to the success of the company.

The Crunchtime consulting approach

External consulting is only a temporary solution when extraordinary competencies, experience or capacities are required. We focus our consulting on situations where communication is critical to the success of a company and where there is a real need for consulting support.

  • We start by analyzing the business and economic challenge from a communication perspective.
  • We take all relevant stakeholders into account and develop custom-fit solutions.
  • We work digitally state of the art and scientifically substantiated.
  • We empower internal resources and stay on board only as long as our external support is required.
  • We support companies in setting up the necessary structures, processes, and competencies internally.
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